Bill’s Curated Quotes – September 2023

“Life is truly known only to those who suffer, lose, endure adversity, and stumble from defeat to defeat.”

Ryszard Kapuscinski, in “Warsaw Diary” 1985

The person I am today has been forged through adversity. A failed business, failed relationships, financial ruin, and a major health issue, and yet through all of it, there have been times of great achievement. This is life.

As a serial entrepreneur, I have tasted it all. Now in my 84th year, I am a true beliver in the saying “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”

This month’s curated quote on adversity is a story about life. Every person goes through periods of adversity. In a particularly defeated time of my life, I was struck by Sir Winston Churchill’s quote – “When you are going through hell – keep going.”

Onward to us all!!!

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