A Clark Leadership Group is an exclusive, intimate space where business issues, and sometimes personal issues that are affecting the business, are processed within the confidence of the group. It’s a place that’s safe to acknowledge what you don’t know…what you’re struggling with…what keeps you up at night.


Your Leadership Group is a place where you will be constantly challenged, and fully supported by your peers and by your Clark Leadership Facilitator. It’s a place where you can learn to take yourself and your business to the next level by going deeper, gaining (or regaining) momentum—and breaking through.
It’s not easy. Nothing worth doing is! And it doesn’t happen overnight. No matter how successful you become, there’s always another level of growth…and another obstacle in its way. There are always unseen dangers lurking, and the power of the group isn’t that there’s “safety in numbers.” It’s the number, the quality, the depth and the range of experiences and perspectives that the other members of the Leadership Group and your Facilitator bring to each meeting. And the accountability structure that a high-functioning working peer group creates.



How do you lead leaders?

How do you continuously develop the leaders in your organization?
How do you understand the prevailing winds and undercurrents of the market to stay ahead of the competition?
How do you stay grounded in self-leadership?
What are your personal and enterprise leadership growth strategies? How do they intersect?
And how can they be improved?

Platinum-Level Peer Advisory Groups are composed of owners, CEOs and presidents of small and mid-sized companies, typically in excess of 100 employees and/or annual revenues in excess of $40M.


How do you grow to the next level?

How do you maintain growth while underway, and continue to discover and develop the leaders in your organization?
How do you navigate changing market trends, and be able to forecast conditions with better accuracy?
How do you deal with setbacks?
What ongoing growth strategies are you developing and implementing—and are you remaining tactically nimble?
Gold-Level Peer Advisory Groups are composed of owners, CEOs and presidents of small and mid-sized companies, typically 25-99 employees and/or annual revenues in excess of $20M.


Are you Learning to Lead – and Let Go?

Starting the company was only the beginning of the journey. Now it’s up and running, and people are depending on it. They’re depending on you. “They” are your clients, your employees, your strategic partners, and your family.
Some days you wonder if you own the company, or if it owns you. The truth is, you know the answer: it owns you.
The question is how to grow to the point where that can change—where you own the business, and have a team who can run it, and grow it.
A Silver-Level Peer Advisory Group is a place where you can get to know yourself, grow yourself and your team—and learn to trust them with the helm.
Silver-Level Peer Advisory Groups are composed of owners and senior executives of well-established small businesses who want to learn to work on the business, not in the business.


You were Brave enough to go it Alone…

And you’re smart enough to know that you need a crew, a mentor, and a regular check-in with a cohort of like-minded learners who have also decided not to take the route of being an employee, but rather an entrepreneur.
So, how do you build the momentum to develop a company that can fulfill your dreams?
Bronze-Level Groups are for solo-preneurs, start-ups, and small businesses that have successfully launched themselves, maybe even been through the paces, and are looking to discover the route to the next level of growth.


A Woman’s Place is in the C-Suite

The business world occurs differently for women business leaders than for their male counterparts, because women in leadership still shake up the male-dominated business culture in ways men aren’t yet prepared for.
Well, ready or not…here we are!
Women Executive Peer Advisory Groups are composed of owners, CEOs and senior executives across myriad industries, company sizes, and multiple time zones.
They share a unique perspective as women business leaders, a more in-depth, authentic communication paradigm among the groups, and a level of sharing and (wo)mentorship that give our clients who are members of the Leadership Group an edge on their competitors.


Growth and Continuity through Next-level Leadership

Emerging Leaders choose to participate in Clark Leadership’s Peer Advisory Groups, because they are seeking personal and professional growth – to grow as leaders, and take their companies and their lives to the next level. They know that the future growth, prosperity, and continuity of the organization is in their hands, and they want the insights and advantages that only a business leadership mastermind group can produce.


If you’re interested in learning how to take your leadership ability and your organization to the next level through participating in one of our Clark Leadership Groups, please fill out the form below, or click the Zoom icon to schedule a discovery session with one of our partners.
Following our discussion you may be invited to participate in a peer advisory group as a visitor, and subsequently may be offered Membership in that group.
Visitors are vetted for conflicts of interest prior to their first session, and participate on a trial basis in order to establish trust and rapport with the group. Our aim is to ensure the group continues to be more than the sum of its parts as a learning cohort.
Visitors are admitted to the group as a Member at the discretion of the Group Facilitator, with input from the current group Members.

Learners Wanted.  Leaders Developed.  Lives Well-lived.

At every level of Clark Leadership Groups, deep learning takes place among peer business leaders.  Whether being coached by a Clark Leadership Professional Executive Coach, or participating in a Peer Leadership Group, it’s a safe, challenging, mutually accountable space where critical issues are processed in complete confidence and non-judgement.

We seek only to learn and grow, and empower our clients to do the same.

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