Clark Leadership facilitators and coaches are a cut above the rest, because we’ve been there. We’ve owned and operated companies. We’ve hired. Fired. Partnered. Grown. We’ve succeeded, and we’ve failed—and failure is the greatest teacher.
Whether facilitating business leaders through an issue-processing session in a peer advisory group, or working through a personal blind spot with a client in a one-to-one coaching session…
We operate at maximum depths, fully aware that our Members and clients are facing extreme external and internal pressures—and we do it with the calm and certainty that this kind of work requires.
That’s “The Clark Way.” If this sounds like your way, too, and you have 20 or more years of combined executive leadership, facilitation and coaching experience—and you believe you have what it takes to lead leaders at this level, we’d like to learn more about you. Please reach out to us, and let’s discover together if there’s a fit.


Learners Wanted.  Leaders Developed.  Lives Well-lived.

At every level of Clark Leadership Groups, deep learning takes place among peer business leaders.  Whether being coached by a Clark Leadership Professional Executive Coach, or participating in a Peer Leadership Group, it’s a safe, challenging, mutually accountable space where critical issues are processed in complete confidence and non-judgement.

We seek only to learn and grow, and empower our clients to do the same.

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