Clark Leadership clients are as diverse as America itself. They come to do the work owning and growing businesses from all walks of life, holding among them certain things in common. They are life-long learners deeply committed to helping each other through the personal journey that is entrepreneurship, and dauntless in their determination to succeed.

“Clark Leadership helped me identify the next step in growing my business and how to get there”

Kimberly Prescott

CEO, Prescott HR

“Being in a group has changed my life”

Chuck Faughnan

CEO, Bridges Consulting

“We all can grow and benefit from the experiences other people have had”

Gina Ramsey

CEO, Pink Dog Media

In Life and Business there are “Knowers” and there are Learners.

Learners know one thing for sure: they don’t have all of the answers, so they keep learning.
Learners are okay with being afraid sometimes. They live outside their comfort zones and they’re brave enough to be open, authentic, and coachable. They’re committed to the outcome – and willing to do the hard work required to grow – no matter what the context may be.
Knowers are fearful (and potentially dangerous to themselves and their organizations), because they operate at the level of pretense.

Learners Wanted. Leaders Developed.