If you’re interested in learning how to take your leadership ability, and your organization to the next level through participating in one of our Clark Leadership Groups, please fill out the form below, then click the Zoom icon to schedule a discovery session with one of our partners.

​Following our discussion you may be invited to participate in a peer advisory group on a as a visitor, and subsequently may be offered Membership in that group.

Visitors are vetted for conflicts of interests prior to their first session, and participate in the group on a trial basis in order to establish trust and rapport with the group. Our aim to ensure that the group continues to be more than the sum of its parts as a learning cohort.

Visitors are admitted to the group as a Member at the direction of the Group Facilitator, and by the consent of the current Members.

Learners Wanted.  Leaders Developed.  Lives Well-lived.

At every level of Clark Leadership Groups, deep learning takes place among peer business leaders.  Whether being coached by a Clark Leadership Professional Executive Coach, or participating in a Peer Leadership Group, it’s a safe, challenging, mutually accountable space where critical issues are processed in complete confidence and non-judgement.

We seek only to learn and grow, and empower our clients to do the same.

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